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What Are the Features and Applications of Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne?

Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne is a popular natural stone used in outdoor construction and landscaping, mainly for patios, walkways, and poolside surroundings. Blue Stone’s fine-grained surface and deep blue to light grey colour is an attractive option for many homeowners in Melbourne. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this material as well as what sort of solutions natural Blue Stone provides in achieving the charm and authenticity of natural stone.

What is Blue Stone?

Blue Stone is a variation of sandstone with high feldspar content, ranging in colour from deep blue, light grey, blue-green to earthy brown, and is also sometimes formed from limestone. As such, Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne has a fine, granular texture, making it a good non-slip surface suitable to pool surroundings and areas likely to be exposed to moisture or where good grip is required, such as stairs, front entrances, and backyard walkways. However, Blue Stone’s natural composition makes it porous, thus vulnerable to water, ice and snow damage, as well as to chemical erosion from the chlorine or salt in swimming pool water. To counteract this, Blue Stone needs special surface treatment or processing. Traditional Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne is also vulnerable to fading over time as minerals within its makeup oxidize and lighten when exposed to air and sunlight, so the deep blue that initially attracts buyers often does not last. Blue Stone remains widely available throughout Australia, although availability is subject to quarry output and demand.

There are many different uses for Blue Stone pavers and other cut Blue Stone materials. While most people immediately think of walkways and pathways, the strength and durability of this Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne make it suitable for steps, treads, driveways and other types of paving projects. However, the beauty of natural cleft Blue Stone or thermal Blue Stone materials makes it a good choice for aesthetic veneer treatments both indoors and outdoors.

Another great feature of using Blue Stone is that it is great for areas that get wet or are normally slippery when other materials are used. From Blue Stone stair treads to pavers around a pool or spa, indoor uses for kitchens and bathrooms; the possibilities are limitless. No matter how you slice it, pun intended, thermal Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne, natural cleft Blue Stone, Blue Stone stair treads and all varieties of cut Blue Stone this is a beautiful natural material.

It is the versatility of this stone that allows it to be used for residential projects, outdoor living spaces, commercial buildings and public structures all across the country and right here in Melbourne. It is a perfect Natural Stone for Melbourne homeowners because it can stand up to the typical wear-and-tear connected with regular exposure to changing temperatures within the climate.

The Different Finishes Associated with Natural Blue Stone Materials

One of the great attractions to natural Blue Stone materials is the fact that it is available in many various finishes. This is why Blue Pavers in Melbourne are utilised frequently by designers, architects, homeowners, and contractors. There are three primary kinds of Blue   Stone finishes that are currently sold for residential and commercial use.

Thermal Blue Stone – These type of Blue Stone pavers in Melbourne are most commonly used for driveways, pathways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, and decks where the surface requires to be non-slip. The non-slip surface is created through heat-treating the Blue Stone until a textured groove is created.

Honed Finish Blue Stone – This type of cut Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne is most often recommended for use indoors where a smooth and thin paver finish is most appreciated. It is not as durable as thermal Blue Stone, so it wouldn’t be great for heavy traffic areas, like driveways and walkways.

Natural Cleft Blue Stone – This type of finish is excellent for a homeowner who is looking for the most natural-looking finish. It does not have a uniform texture so it is not as consistent as other types of cut Blue Stone, but that’s the point, it looks a lot more natural.

The Various Colour Ranges Available in Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne

An advantage of using natural cut Blue Stone is that there are a lot of different colours that it can come in based upon where it was mined. Each paver is different from every other paver, ranging not just in colour but also in tone. Below is a list of the most common colour choices available in Blue Stone stair treads and other kinds of cut Blue Stone.








The Most Popular Applications of Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne

Homeowners in Melbourne have a lot of choices available to them in the way that they can use natural Blue Stone materials and cut Blue Stone in special finishes. Blue Stone can be used as primary paving materials, veneer and as Blue Stone stair treads, both indoors and outdoors.

BATHROOMS – Colourful thermal Blue Stone is excellent for use on bathroom floors and walls. Because it is non-slip and has water-resistant properties, it will look amazing and perform beautifully for many years to come.

LIVING ROOMS – An excellent choice for Melbourne living rooms, the decorative options associated with natural cleft blue stone and other types of cut Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne make it appropriate for living room flooring and veneer facing projects.

KITCHENS – The thermal Blue Stone is a good choice for kitchens because of its non-slip and water-resistant features. Premium pavers made from cut Blue Stone will look lovely with any kitchen style or theme.

POOLS/SPAS – Blue Stone is highly recommended for pool and spa areas due to of the non-slip features associated with thermal Blue Stone. Each paver will have a unique colour, tone, texture and style that can be used to complement pool, spa and other recreation spaces both indoors and outdoors.

PATIOS – Many homeowners are now choosing to use natural cleft Blue Stone and other types of cut Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne to create beautiful patios. They work great with outdoor living spaces that are made according to the Mediterranean, modern, contemporary and Old World theme.

WALKWAYS/PATHWAYS – This is a good material to use for garden paths, walkways and stepping stone pathways. The natural range of colours found in cut Blue Stone can complement or accent a garden area beautifully.