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Complete range of Bluestone
Sandstone, Limestone, Granite pavers

About Us

Our Company:

Our company was formed in 2003 in a small rented factory at Oakleigh. Later in 2005 we bought a warehouse in Clayton. Back in those days we were selling Sandstone and Limestone. Because we were selling only top quality material (honestly – that’s true), in a very short span of time more and more landscapers were using material purchased off us. We were selling them mostly to landscapers, as they knew the material well thereby making our process easier and quicker, and in turn we saw significant savings in terms of costs associated with advertisement.

Eventually it was clear that Bluestone was gaining popularity and hence we added Bluestone to our offer. The competition in this sector is very heavy, but because our overhead cost was quite low we managed to always offer a better price as compared to other companies and hence the selling volume was growing exponentially.

Recently in the last 2-3 years, Flamed Granite paving has become very popular. We want to be the leading seller of this material, so we try to offer full range of colours.

Last year our company bought 11,000 sqm of land and 3 warehouses in Doveton, just 2 km away from the centre of Dandenong which is currently changing rapidly and becoming “the second city”. So our new address is: 8 Power Rd, Doveton.

Our staff:


Director, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Delivery Truck Driver, Cleaner, Forklift Driver.
032I was born and spent the first 30 years of my life in Lublin, Poland. I received a degree in Economics, married and had two children, then in 1988 we decided to emigrate. I read a fantastic book about Australia and so I chose this country (as a child I read unbelievable amount of books). I came here and went to work in a plastic factory in Oakleigh. I slowly started to learn English, but I am not gifted in languages and because I have some hearing problem, my English is not so good (subtly speaking). I have invested in stock market from the start – which is my hobby thereby giving me access to money to start my own business. That’s how DOMKO was created (the name is created from my surname).


Business Development Manager, The Best Salesman in our Galaxy (on a par with Mac)

142Maurice was the first employee of DOMKO. He joined our company the very first day it was created. He comes from Bacchus Marsh. When I first met him he was a panel beater in Oakleigh. He is an archetype of a true-blue Aussie – always happy, always in good mood, but hard working and very honest (he can’t physically lie). All that is easily visible to our customers and hence they can be sure they are making a good deal. Maurice takes his job very personally in that he treats his customers as his family making sure his customers are 100% happy.


Business Development Deputy Manager, The Best Salesman in our Galaxy (on a par with Maurice)
147Mac hails from India, but he spent years in Singapore, the Middle East, New Zealand, the USA and then our Good Genii brought him to our company. He joined our company in 2010 and once he joined it was pretty clear that his congenital intelligence would help lift our company to a  higher level of development. I highly appreciate his common sense, his honesty and his loyalty. Mac is always even-tempered, which helps me a lot as given that I’m getting old I get grumpy and worry more often. He has a huge knowledge about our products, and is a very professional salesman.


Quality Manager, Delivery Van Driver, Cleaner, Forklift Driver, Machine Operator
012Adam’s job is to maintain the warehouse environment. Making sure areas are kept clean. Adam takes care of small deliveries and deliveries requires limited access(small vehicles). Adam’s forklift skills are excellent, as he usually loads orders.