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Domko – one of the most renowned flamed granite pavers in Melbourne.

A swimming pool is an impressive attraction. This is one of the reasons why majority of hotels and resorts ensure that they have a pool that looks scintillating. So how does one make a swimming pool look attractive?

When it comes to a pool, majority of the people tend to only focus on its length and depth. You can make a swimming pool look even more elegant with the help of the right kind of landscaping. An integral part of a swimming pool landscaping is paving, at Domko we offer different kinds of natural stones are used for paving purposes including granite stone pavers. Domko is your one stop destination for all your paving needs. Out of a wide range of natural stones available for paving, Flamed Granite is one of the best options. Granite offers a rich and classy feel to the pool.

Why choose DOMKO for Granite Pool Paving?

A popular choice for many homeowners, granite is a natural and durable stone ideal for a variety of applications, including pool paving. At Domko, we are regarded as one of Melbourne’s best suppliers of granite stone.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know each and every detail associated with granite. Our paving professionals are equipped with the knowledge to answer any question you may have about our choices of granite. For Melbourne’s best granite pavers, contact Domko today!

Domko has the best and most affordable products lined up for all your paving needs. We pride ourselves on our broad range of granite pavers for wholesalers and customers, so that you can select the ideal granite colour and texture to suit your outdoor pool area. Are you looking for the best quality granite around Melbourne? Choose Domko for all your granite paving needs. Call or visit our store today.

Granite Stone Pavers Wholesale

We are pleased to offer our selection of quality granite pavers at wholesale prices. Whether you’re a business owner who wants to revitalise a pool area with granite or you simply are renovating a large outdoor area using granite, at Domko we make sure to take care of our wholesale customers.

As a wholesale customer you will be guaranteed the first look at our limited edition and new granite styles, all at an incredibly affordable price. Call us or visit our store to discuss with our trained professionals about how you can become a wholesaler with us.

When it comes to quality, affordability and convenience, you can’t go wrong with the top granite pavers Melbourne has to offer – Domko! Call us today.