How to Beautify Your Property with Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne?

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Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne are not just used as flooring materials but can also be used to create appealing veneers, wall caps, building stones, treads, steps, and others. It is this versatility that makes these paving solutions present in many public structures, commercial establishments, and residential units across the city and elsewhere.

Blues Stone paver units are greatly used in indoor and outdoor applications because of their unique beauty, strength, and versatile quality. They are also best for areas frequented by people that are constantly wet and slippery such as swimming pool areas, walkways, driveways, steps, bathrooms, kitchen, and more places. Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne are also tested to withstand normal wear-and-tear and damages as a result of constant exposure to changing weather or climate.

Blues Stone Finishes

The great thing about Blue Stone is that it is available in various finishes. This is one of the reasons why many contractors and property owners favour this material.

Thermal finish: Thermal treated Blue Stone Paver is generally used in driveways, walkways, decks, and patios as the paver surface becomes non-slip. This is done by heat-treating the paver units until you get a textured groove.

Honed finish. The stone is recommended for indoor applications where a thin and smooth paver is needed.

Natural cleft finish: This is best for areas that need a more natural look since Blue Stones Pavers in Melbourne with natural cleft finish doesn’t have a uniform texture.

Color Options

The beauty of Blue Stone Pavers is that every paver unit is unique from the rest, especially in the colour tone or shade. Accordingly, these are the colour options that you may select from:



Blue Stone Pavers are highly suggested because of the many applications where they can be used as primary paving materials. Whether for indoor use or outdoor application, Blue Stone can be your choice of the perfect material.


Bathrooms: Your bathroom will definitely take on a new life when you use colourful Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne for its floor and walls. Blue stone is perfect for these areas because of its non-slip and water-resistant features.

Living rooms: Blue stone’s decorative merits will surely impress your family and guests when you have blue stone pavers as your drawing room flooring.

Hallways: Hallways will not be boring if you decide to use units on them made of Natural Blue Stone in Melbourne

Kitchen floors: Make your indoor kitchen add up to your house’s beauty by using premium pavers made of quarried blue stone.


Pool decks: Blue Stone is recommended for pool areas due to its non-slip feature. Blue Pavers in Melbourne possess a distinctive texture that complements well with the deck’s design or theme.

Patios: It’s possible to get various patio themes by using only Blue Stone Paver units, like Old World, Japanese, Modern/Contemporary, or Mediterranean.

Walkways: Encourage healthy living with amazing Bluestone Treads in Melbourne for walkways. Since this natural stone has a non-slip property, it is best for this area.

Garden paths and steps: Accentuate your garden’s tender beauty with garden paths made of high quality pavers cut from Blue Stone blocks.

Driveways: Have a grand entrance whenever you enter your property with an expertly designed and finely made blue stone paver driveway.

The Features of Bluestone Pavers

The natural colour of the Blue Stone is, of course, blue, with some grey mixed as well. Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne also have other hints of colour in them beyond blue and grey, depending on where the stone was found, but all colours give a beautiful natural feel to a project. Though there is some uniformity in some types of Blue Stone in size, texture and shape, they are still not completely uniform like manufactured bricks or concrete pavers.

Since each stone is varied, every installation made using this material will be different and exclusive. The paving stones are so nice and versatile that they can be made to blend in with any home style, theme, or design, and can match or complement other properties of your land and hardscape.

Like other natural stone products, Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne come in various shapes and sizes. This is because the stone is mined whole in the ground, and it is then transported to manufacturers and factories that cut it down to specific sizes. This is, in part, what makes Blue Stone so useful, as it can be customized to fit any job and desire. The shapes of these pavers range from rectangular, triangular, oblong, diamond, and irregular. The shape that you choose will inevitably impact the paver patterns that you can lay the Blue Stone in, for example, Holland stone pavers can be laid in Herringbone patterns, whereas diamond pavers have fewer pattern options available.

Uses of Blue stone

Because of their strength and versatility, Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne can be used for a variety of projects and uses besides hardscaping. Some use Blue Stone paving stones as veneers for homes, businesses, or gardens. Some even build houses or other buildings out of Blue Stone. Many people also use Blue Stones for paving purposes, like a new walkway, patio, driveway, or garden area.

Some use these for steps, retaining walls, pool decks and copings. They can be used for any purpose, making Blue Stone a very popular product. It can be the main feature in a new project, or it can be used to add accents and flairs to a project made from another material, indoors or outdoors. Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne can be found in flat and smooth “slate” varieties and large brick or coping shapes, depending on the wants of the homeowner.

One popular use for Blue Stone Pavers is for landscaping. Due to the flexibility and variety of stone shapes and sizes, Blue Stone landscape pavers can be used to beautify any back or front yard, or incorporated into a garden or other landscape.

There are a number of varieties and modifications of the Blue Stone Paver. For people looking to install Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne in an area with high foot traffic, look for thermally treated Blue Stone which will make them less slippery. Another variety is natural cleft, which makes the pavers look not uniform and so more natural,instead of the smoother, more uniform finish found in the standard type.

The Cost of Bluestone Pavers

Blues tone Pavers price can be somewhat prohibitive. This is true for all stone pavers, be it sandstone, travertine, slate, or whatever. Manufactured pavers, like concrete and brick, are less costly as they can be mass produced in house, while Blue Stone pavers must be quarried. These are beautiful and change the look of your swimming pool, garden or floor in your house. This is the reason they are preferred by many people looking to renovate their property. However, if you can handle the cost of Blue Stone Pavers in Melbourne, you will be sure to enjoy the beauty and strength of your new installation.