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Complete range of Bluestone
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Domko: the best Bluestone Coping in Melbourne

Are you looking for something new to give your floor, swimming pool, verandah, or backyard a unique touch?

Think of an organic stone stepper for your pathway, plated between the borders with a surface that has a non-slip finish. With all these specialities, Domko offers bluestone coping in Melbourne, which is perfect for a small city house terrace or a large courtyard design giving a sophisticated look. Explore our bluestone image gallery and see how we have used bluestone coping in various places for landscape and architectural design.

Having versatile qualities, bluestone is suitable for various outdoor applications. Its natural colour gives the floor a wonderful and unique look, and its sturdiness makes it an investment well made.

Our Bluestone services include:

  • Fencing
  • Coping
  • Paving
  • Decking
  • Tiling
  • Pattern Designing
  • Wall Cladding
  • Garden Beds
  • Sealing
  • Crazy Steps
  • Stairs

We have a huge range of residential as well as commercial tiles with a large variety of stones, which include:

We have coping designs in square edge, drop face and, bevel and bullnose as well, almost anything that will suit the edge of your swimming pool. Our designs are suitable for fibre-glass or concrete pools. We also make customĀ bluestone coping tiles. These can be made in different range of sizes, styles and colours with respect to the exterior and interior quality of the natural stone.

One of the best advantages of bluestone coping is that no additional sealing is required against salt attack. The thing to remember is that sometimes the floor gets really hot to walk on and hence we recommended it to be placed around swimming pool edges and shaded areas.

Whether you are planning a residential or commercial pool design, your coping choice will affect the overall feel and look of your building. This is why you need to select an experienced paver such as Domko to complete any tiling project for you.

Our bluestone tiles are extremely hard and dense, enabling it to be used in any application. We have the best record for installing bluestone coping in Melbourne successful. We do not use any expensive fast setting glue for adhesion. Our pavers use a calculated method to set the stones perfectly and in the correct design making it hard and long lasting for the years to come.

Since bluestone can withstand damages and wear-and-tear caused by constantly changing weather, it can be also used outdoors. However, it looks the most beautiful in areas such as swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, steps and walkways.

Since Domko released its bluestone coping in Melbourne, we have become quite popular in the Victorian market. Bluestone is considered a very popular landscaping stone, as it is very easy to maintain and compliments your surrounding very well. Visit our showroom now in Melbourne, and see our various designs. We assure you that once you see our spectacular designs you will not leave without a contract.