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If you are looking to get your paving done, then Bluestone Crazy Paving undoubtedly could be the best deal you will ever go for.

However, before getting Bluestone paving for your space you must gather information about it completely and check whether this meets all of the requirements that are important to you!

Also known as ‘Basalt’, Bluestone is a popular choice with customers worldwide because of its wide applications and the numerous benefits.

Let us straightaway dive into its benefits:

Benefits of getting Bluestone Crazy Paving in your space

In this section of the blog, the detailed benefits of Bluestone have been discussed. Give it a quick read to understand if this is what you looking for:

• Beauty:

To begin with, nothing quite adds to the charm like Bluestone. Any paving done with Bluestone is mesmerizingly awesome to look at, provided you get it done by an experienced landscaper!

• Durability:

Bluestone is a highly durable stone which could be the reason for its popularity worldwide. It can last for a longer period as it can stand the pressures of time.

• Versatility:

Being a versatile stone, numerous spaces are done with Bluestone Crazy paving! It is used in garden areas, walkways, driveways, swimming pools, courtyards, patios, alfresco, and more.

• Easy To Work With:

It is easier to work with! This is a major reason for its wide applications in both residential and commercial spaces.

• Moisture- Resistance:

Bluestone paving offers high moisture resistance. This is the reason why areas prone to moisture like pools, and bathrooms are paved with Bluestones.

• Anti-Slip Feature:

Bluestone has an excellent anti-slip feature! The obvious reason for which it is used in pool areas. For a similar reason, pathways and gardens are also paved with Bluestone Crazy Paving.

So that people may not trip and fall!

• Easily forged:

Bluestone can be shaped, moulded, and remoulded with ease which is why it is used widely everywhere! Many monumental sites can be seen forged in bluestone.

• Low- Maintenance:

Bluestone does not require high- maintenance! It can easily be maintained even without regular cleaning.

• Attracts Customers:

The charming design of bluestone paving adds appeal to the area and makes it more inviting! This feature about Bluestone Crazy Paving could be good news for businesses like resorts, hotels, restaurants, or more which can attract a pool of customers.

Hope that you might have gone through the above section of the blog and have developed a fine understanding of the benefits Bluestones offer.

Now, certain cons of getting Bluestone paving done cannot go unchecked! So before getting the paving done, gather all the information that you must!

Cons of Bluestone Crazy paving

• Bluestone is a porous stone! It is mostly used in water-prone areas and it can easily absorb water. So, if you are planning to get Bluestone Crazy Paving, then you must get it sealed!

• The colour of Bluestone changes with time if it is not sealed properly.

• Also, it can easily be degraded due to salt, debris and chemicals (like chlorine which is used for bleaching purposes). Thus, for optimum durability, it is necessary that sealing is done!

• Bluestone is a rare natural stone that needs to be quarried from certain parts of North America. As it is not locally available and also owing to its features, it is in demand widely. Thus, Bluestone Crazy Paving is available at a costlier rate than brick pavers or concrete paving stones.

• It is advisable to get Bluestone installed in a space that is away from sunlight as it traps sunlight and becomes very hot.

I hope they were not too much of a disappointment in comparison to all the benefits that Bluestone offers!

Bluestones are a perfect addition to any outdoor area. The bluestone is one of the most beautiful stones you can find on pavements. They are elegant to look at, and add sophistication that no other type of stone can match.

Its sleek and elegant appearance makes it stand out from all others, making even an outdoor area seem more spacious with this pavement material!

Bluestones create a stunning visual effect to the space it is installed in!

Available in a range of shapes and finishes, Bluestone Crazy Paving is made up of high-density material. The optimum durability of Bluestone is because of this material.

It is perfect for the needs of anyone who wants their driveway or walkway to last!

However, if you are looking for a second option, then you may go with the Travertine French Pattern. It is also a durable paver and offers a beautiful and organised look. Nonetheless, no other stone paver can be used as a substitute for Bluestone! It is a perfect choice that would complement your space- both residential and commercial!

To sum up the entire blog, it can be said that Bluestone Paving is the top-notch paving stone if you are looking to get maximum benefits by just spending an extra sum of money!