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Bluestone is a colloquial term that generally refers to sedimentary rocks, like sandstone or limestone that appear blue-grey in colour. The most common types of Bluestone comprise sediments that underwent millions of years of compression to become stone. This attractive stone generally serves as a basic building material for homes and businesses. It is also used to make Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne.

A question that often comes up when discussing Bluestone is the many varieties of Bluestone pavers. To the untrained eye they may all look the same, but, there are actually a number of differences that affect the cost, appearance, and installation methods.

  • Natural Cleft Bluestone:

Natural Cleft Bluestone is Bluestone that has been split into layers during the process of quarrying. Bluestone is a sedimentary stone, meaning that it comes from sediment that has been fused together over a long time from the enormous weight and pressure from above.  Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne can be made of Natural Cleft Bluestone. Natural Cleft Bluestone is formed closer to the surface of the earth than any other type of Bluestone.  Without as much pressure on the stone, lines of de-lamination or horizontal cracks form which make it easy to split this into layers.  These layers are then cut into rectangles to make the Bluestone pavers that you see today.

As it is naturally split, Bluestone pavers have got some irregularities. The surface of the stone will have some bumps and texture, and each stone will have fairly varied thickness. Still, this does not make it any less suitable to make Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne Natural Cleft Bluestone also tends to have an array of colours from blue, grey, purple, and rusty orange.

Although the quarrying process takes less machining and makes Natural Cleft Bluestone less costly than other Bluestone, the varied thickness and irregular surface make it more labouriously intensive to install.

  • Thermal Bluestone:

Thermal Bluestone undergoes formation deeper within in the earth. Due to more weight and pressure above, the stone is solid and has to be broken off into chunks and then saw cut into layers. This can be used to make Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne. The saw cut leaves a very smooth, unnatural surface which then has to be re-textured. The ‘thermaling’ process is what gives its name. The stone is wet down and then heated with a super-hot flame until the surface flakes off, exposing the natural roughness of Blue Pavers in Melbourne.

Thermal Bluestone is more costly to produce, but, the stone is almost perfectly uniform in thickness. This makes the installation and levelling process not very labour intensive.

Thermal bluestone comes in three different colour varieties; full colour, regular, and true blue. A Natural Stone in Melbourne is better than a man-made stone to beautify your property.

  • Full Colour Thermal Bluestone:

Full Colour Thermal Bluestone is less common and a bit less available. It is a thermal cut stone but it still has a range of blues, greys, and purples. Bluestone blocks in Melbourne made of Full Colour Thermal Bluestone will not be called as Natural Cleft Bluestone but it is more natural than other Thermal Bluestones

  • Regular Thermal Bluestone:

Regular Thermal Bluestone is most common.  It will come in a mild array of blues and greys. Bluestone slabs in Melbourne can be made of Regular Thermal Bluestone.

  • “True Blue” Thermal Bluestone

“True Blue” Bluestone has been selected and sorted so that all of the stones are identical in colour.

  • Irregular Bluestone

Irregular Bluestone, also known “stand-up bluestone” or “flagstone” is naturally Cleft Bluestone that is used to make Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne that has not been cut into rectangles. Irregular Bluestone is sold by the ton instead of by the square foot and is usually cheaper in cost, but, much more labour intensive to install.

Irregular Bluestones vary greatly in shape, size, and thickness.  Depending on the desired look, they have to be cut and shaped to fit together and levelled one by one.

Bluestone Steppers

Different Types and Choices

Since they are a natural stone Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne are one of the best types. There are different types to select from. What you select will partly depend on what kind of steps you are creating.

Steps for front porches and walkways are generally more structured, as opposed to fieldstone slabs. Backyard steps may be either built with a riser and tread or have a more casual look and feel.

Bluestone Steps with landings set in concrete are another way in which you can install Bluestone Steppers in your garden or courtyard.

Bluestone steps with stone risers can be made by installing treads of one solid piece of Bluestone. The risers can be face stone, mortared onto concrete block

Some people may prefer solid Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne as opposed to separate pieces that make up the Bluestone steps. However, sometimes the steps are very wide and it becomes more costly to do this.

Bluestone Treads done in sections look beautiful in the garden as a pathway.

A beautiful Bluestone landing can also be made which Bluestone slabs.

Steps can have Blue stone treads and natural stone risers also.

The difference is that the treads are done in several pieces and the natural stone risers are dry laid.

Bluestone Stairs for a Two-Level Patio look wonderful!

Thermal edge Bluestone treads are another option to consider. The Blue stone pieces used to craft Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne have what is called a thermal edge, which gives it a wavy, rather than a smooth, look.

Whether you use thermal edge or a straight edge is a matter of preference.

Bluestone and Brick – A Nice Combination!

Bluestone happens to look amazing with brick too! You could have use brick risers here, but the Bluestone offers a nice contrast and change. Once again, solid bluestone pieces are used for the treads. Adding boulders to the design of the Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne steps is a good look.

Fieldstone Steppers

Here is another choice for landscape steps. You can use natural Bluestone steppers which are actually large chunks of fieldstone. They create a really casual look. No two pieces are the same which adds more to the interest. They can be had in narrow widths, like two feet, or you can use extremely wide pieces that are six or seven feet across! The entire stone is used both as the tread and the riser to make Bluestone Steppers in Melbourne.