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Domko is your One-Stop-Shop for all your Pool Paving Solutions

A swimming pool makes a house and spa or any other property look beautiful. It instantly adds a lot of value to the overall aesthetics of the place. It is a great attraction for buyers. It is not just the pool that increases the glamour quotient of the house or a building, but also the area around it.

Pool coping is basically a term used to describe a paving product that is designed in a special manner for a swimming pool. It is also forms a stairway to the pool. Want to learn more about how pool coping pavers can enhance your outdoor or pool area? Call or visit Domko today.

Domko — one of the best Pool Coping Pavers in Melbourne

We offer mellow colours which are not too light and also the ones that are not too dark to ensure that they don’t absorb too much heat. We offer finishing touches, colours and stones that are available with additional benefits. For instance – the Australian climatic conditions are different as compared to most other places in the world, and Domko’s pool coping pavers are manufactuered with this aspect in mind.

Our stone paving has been successfully tested to be used around pools, and we avoid using stones that are slippery in nature. We have fast become one of the best service providers for pool coping pavers in Melbourne because of the use of colours to add depth to the pool surroundings. The work is such that it brings in a whole new character and warmth to the surroundings of the pool.

Our staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and take extra care and precaution to make sure that the stone is cut in the right manner. The finishing that Domko offers is seldom to be seen with any pool coping pavers in Melbourne.

There are certain pool coping pavers that are difficult for a person to walk from one end to another. Domko ensures that the necessary chemicals are applied to the stone, so that our pool coping pavers are protected from all kinds of stains and extreme climatic conditions, while being easy to walk on. Even though the stones aren’t slippery they are smooth enough for people to walk on them barefoot comfortably.

Do you want to learn more about how our pool coping pavers can benefit your pool area? Contact us for more details.