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We know how daunting it is to undertake a building project. There is a long list of factors to be considered before the project ticks off. Things like price, maintenance, physical appearance, and material form the very core of the project.

A lot of home interior and lifestyle experts are speaking in favor of Porcelain Paving in Melbourne.

Maybe you have not heard of this before? Maybe for you, porcelains are only limited to beautiful china vases. Or, maybe you know that there is something called porcelain paver but you never considered it before.

Let us tell you that Porcelain Paving in Melbourne is high in demand and experts who have realized its importance and experienced its advantages are going for it. Not just that, they are also recommending others to go for it.

In this blog, we shall go through a list of advantages that porcelain paver offers.

High Durability

The composition of porcelain makes it unique and lends a great deal of strength to it. Its strength is combined with low water absorption. The composition of porcelain includes special kinds of clays and special additives which under 1400 Fahrenheit turns into something hard-wearing, sustainable, and durable. If you are looking for something sturdy and durable Porcelain Paving in Melbourne it is!

Light weight

With a dimension of ¾” thick or 1 1/8” thick, porcelain pavers are lightweight. It is lighter compared to its counterparts like concrete pavers or brick pavers. It is lighter than a lot of natural stones. Since it is lighter in weight, it is easy to have it transported from one place to another. If the construction project is huge and uses lifts to move the stones up and down, porcelain pavers aren’t much of trouble there.

Higher Aesthetic Value

Home interior experts are suggesting Porcelain Paving in Melbourne. One of the many reasons for this is aesthetics. From the name itself you can imagine porcelains cannot go wrong as far as the appearance is concerned. Get Porcelain Paving for Outdoor and you will see the difference.

Easy to Clean

We all like to have an easy cleaning routine. Something that requires intense maintenance can be trouble after a while. With porcelain paver, this is not the case. It won’t demand your attention. Another advantage of choosing a porcelain paver is that it does not absorb water. This eliminates the need for sealing. Hence, you do not have to spend on sealers.

Looks like Porcelain Paving in Melbourne is a great deal to go for!

High Traffic Areas

Pavers are meant to be placed on grounds. They have an unmatchable strength. However, there is some weaker paving out there. Don’t you come across cracked laneways, gardens, and backyards? You sure do!

But don’t worry. Porcelain Paving are in for the long run.

No Surface Growth

It is quite a task to remove mosses and mold off the ground. The outdoor environment has fluctuating weather Due to excessive rain and frost, stuff like moss and molds grow on the surface. With Porcelain Paving in Melbourne, there are no deep grout lines. There are no dents on the surface and no water absorption. All you have is a clean surface

Variety in Dimension

There are innumerable dimensions available in the market. If you get in touch with the right professional, you can easily get the dimension you are looking for. If you are a builder looking for a porcelain paver for your project, you must get in touch with a supplier having different dimensions of the same stone.

That looks like a lot of advantages. Let us see what we have got further ahead in this blog for Porcelain Paving in Melbourne

Frost Resistant

Frosting and thawing lead to the development of cracks on a solid surface. But with porcelain paver, there is no need to worry about anything. As mentioned above, these pavers do not absorb water. Naturally, it won’t be affected by the alteration of frosting and thawing.

Disadvantages associated with porcelain pavers


Once installed porcelain pavers offer durability but during the transportation process, it needs to be handled with care. During the process of fabrication as well, due care is to be given. The brittleness in porcelain occurs due to the high heat it undergoes during its formation.


When compared to concrete pavers, these pavers are higher in price. However, one must also know that the advantages offered by porcelain pavers in Melbourne are better than that of concrete pavers.


The fabrication process of porcelain pavers takes a long time and it can be done only by skilled fabricators. It is an advanced form of fabrication. Hence, the production of porcelain pavers in Melbourne is slightly lower as it is still not mass produced


Overall, if you analyze the list of problems and list of advantages offered by porcelain slabs, it goes without saying that the advantages are much higher. If you are thinking to have porcelain pavers all you have got to do is get in touch with the right supplier in your vicinity.

If you live in Melbourne getting hold of one isn’t a very hard task. If you are out of options, consider talking to experts at Domko.

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Hope you the blog have enriched your knowledge of porcelain paving in Melbourne. It is always wiser to gather some knowledge about the product you are looking to invest in.