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Travertine Paving Melbourne:

Are you looking to get your residential or commercial space to exude elegance?

One great way is by getting your paving done!

With a wide variety of charismatic paving options available, have your space to exude timeless elegance.

However, with the availability of a plethora of tiles, it becomes difficult to choose the right ones for your space. Marbles, Granite, Quartz, and a plentiful list of more options to choose from!

All you need to do is, have the appropriate tiles chosen to match your taste and décor.

If all you are looking for are style and elegance with durability intact, then Travertine Paving in Melbourne could also be one of the best choices from the others that are available in the market.

Let us have a quick review of travertine stones to have a deeper understanding as to why they could be the perfect choice for your floors.

Travertine Paving Melbourne

What are travertine stones?

Travertines are natural stones that are formed as a result of mineral deposits of natural springs. It is known as calcite because it is made up of the precipitation of calcium carbonate. There are other minerals that also combine with this calcite to create unique patterns due to which travertine gets its exclusive attribute.

As regards the exclusive feature of Travertine Paving in Melbourne, you may be surprised to find out that the two pieces of travertine stones are very much different and unique in their respective ways.

So, when these stones are utilized for paving or in any other medium of construction, they create a variety of different patterns which adds to their exclusiveness and elegance.

Source of Travertine Stones

Being in constant demand in both residential and commercial spaces, travertine stone is quarried from several places across the world.

Italy being the place of its origin, there are several other countries from where it is also acquired- Turkey, Iran, Peru, and Mexico!

Benefits of Travertine Stones

Now, let us discuss the benefits of Travertine Paving in Melbourne. Go through them to get exclusive insights:

• Travertine stone is a versatile stone. It can readily be matched with any décor as it is available in a variety of finishes. It comes as polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled.

With these finishes, obtaining the look one has in mind becomes easier!

• Travertine stone comes in a stunning range of natural colours that include luminous silver grey, beige, taupe, and brown. Thus, travertine stone is sure to give your space graceful exposure.

A soft colour palette is also available to enhance the beauty of your décor and add timelessness.

• Offering durability to withstand time pressures, Travertine Paving in Melbourne sustains without scratches, chips, or cracks, if sealing is done properly!

• Travertine is not a burdensome stone to maintain, provided it is taken care of properly. If spills occur, they should be cleaned immediately!

As it is a natural stone and is porous, it requires sealing; especially in areas where high traffic is expected! Also, a natural penetrating sealer is recommended to seal this stone type.

• It is slip-resistant! Its porous nature leads it to absorb all the water that is spilt on it. Therefore, areas that are water-prone can be done with Travertine Paving in Melbourne.

Swimming pools, bathrooms surrounds, and many more such places that require resistance from slippery are ideal for the installation of travertine stones.

• It remains cool underfoot and is resistant to heat and frost. Thus, it could be a perfect choice against the severe climatic conditions of Australia!

• Travertine is an eco-friendly product and is 100% biodegradable. Thus, it can be recycled!

• In terms of cost, travertine stones are a long-term investment. As it is a natural stone and needs to be quarried from different parts of the world, it incurs a good amount of expense! Hence, it is more expensive than concrete pavers.

Considering the durability and timelessness it offers, Travertine Paving in Melbourne are nonetheless a long-term investment!

Hope that the aforementioned benefits were informative and enlightening. Now let us learn about its uses briefly.

Uses of Travertine Stones

As for the usage, the travertine stones can also be installed in several other places apart from the water-prone areas like pool drop edge coping, water reservoir and more. Some of them are walkways and paths, driveways, patios, walls, stairs and many more such places.

For areas with high water exposure, Paving Blestone in Melbourne could also be an outstanding match owing to the benefits it offers. Visit the website of Domko to read about the benefits that are mentioned in the blog on Bluestone.

As for the Travertine Paving in Melbourne, the Travertine Crazy Paving or the French Pattern could also be a suitable match for the variety of travertine patterns available in the market.

Thus, the travertine stones are sure to make your space stand out, emanating all the beauty and grace for a longer period!

The longevity and enduring nature of the travertine stones are evident from the ancient Roman structures in Italy that still stands up to this day and date. The grandiose structure, of the Colosseum, is a testimony of the durability that travertine offers.

Hope the above-given information on Travertine Paving in Melbourne was insightful, and would be of much use in becoming a deciding factor when you plan to have the travertine stones purchased.