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Are you looking for Yellow Granite in Melbourne? Here is a list of its types!

Have you been tiresomely searching for Yellow Granite in Melbourne? Following is a list of its types –

1. Typhoon Bordeaux Granite is a type of yellow granite especially good for Countertops, exterior – interior wall & floor applications, mosaic, fountains, pool & wall capping and various other designing projects. It is also known as Typhoon Bordeaux Gold Granite. Typhoon Bordeaux Granite can smoothly be processed into Polished, Sanded, Sawn Cut, Rock-faced, Sandblasted, and Tumbled.

2. Golden River Granite is a type of Yellow Granite in Melbourne especially good for bench tops & bars, water walls & fountains, interior wall panels, and various other designing projects. It is also known as Juparana Golden River and Yellow River.

3. Juparana Persa is another type of yellow granite particularly good for mosaic, Counter tops, monuments, exterior – interior wall & floor applications, pool, fountains, and has other applications. It is also known as Juparana Persa Gold Granite and Juparana Persia Granite. Juparana Persa can be processed into Sanded, Polished, Sawn Cut, Tumbled, Rockfaced, and Sandblasted.

4. Madura Gold (also famously known as Granito Giallo Madura) is a chief kind of Yellow Granite in Melbourne which is good for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, counter tops, fountains, monuments, mosaic, pool and has varied other uses. It has many other names – Maduri Gold Granite, Giallo Madura Gold Granite, Gold Star Granite, Madura Granite, Golden Glory Granite, Madurai Granite, Madurei Gold, Madurai Gold Granite, Madura Gold Granite. This kind can be processed into Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock-faced, and Sandblasted.

5. Golden Thunder Granite has a golden yellow, darkish brown mixed colour exotic tone. It can be utilized in many areas for bars and counter tops, walls and floor tiles. An additional name for this yellow granite is Thunder River Granite.

6. G682 Granite is a famous Yellow Granite in Melbourne. This stone is good for kitchen benchtops, mosaic, exterior walls, interior walls, floor, fountains, and swimming pools projects. It also known as Rusty Yellow, Giallo Rusty, Desert Gold, Giallo Fantasia, Giallo Ming, Yellow Rust Granite, Ming Gold, Giallo Rustic, Gold Leaf China, Giallo Padang, Golden Cristal, Padang Golden Leaf, Golden Peach, Golden Crystal, Golden Sand, Light Golden Sand, Ming Yellow, Golden Yellow, Padang Gelb, Padang Giallo, Padang Yellow, Padang Amarillo, Palace Sand, Dawa Yellow. This can be refined into Sandblasted, Polished, Sawn Cut, Rock-faced, and Tumbled.

7. Another kind of Yellow Granite in Melbourne is Juparana Jatoba. It has an exotic golden colour. This is more than ever good for Exterior building cladding, Counter tops & bars, Interior wall panels, mosaic and other projects. It also famously called Jatoba Gold Granite. It can undergo the refining processes of being Sanded, Polished, Sawn Cut, Rock-faced, Sandblasted, and Tumbled.

8. Giallo Napoli is a golden beige, yellow granite, showing specks of ‘cardinal bright ochre’ and grey-coloured ‘intrusive igneous rock’ that is granular & ‘phaneritic’ in texture. This Yellow Granite in Melbourne is especially used for making stairs, ornamental stone, interior & exterior walls, and housing floors. It is also known by names like – Napole Granite, New Venetian Granite, Napoli Granite, and Napoli Gold Granite. Giallo Napoli Granite can be Honed, Aged, Bush-hammered, and Polished.

9. Normandy is a type of exotic yellow granite used for building sides of swimming pools, kitchen stone counter tops, massive monuments, mosaic, exterior & interior walls & floors and beautiful fountains. It has two other names – Granito Giallo Normandy and Normandy Gold Granite.

10. Desert Gold Granite is a form of Yellow Granite in Melbourne mainly good for constructing counter tops, mosaic, fountains, swimming pools and wall capping. It has two other names – Desert Gold Yellow Granite and Desert Golden Granite. This is processed into Polished, Sanded, Rock-faced, Sawn Cut, Sandblasted, Tumbled, and so on and so forth.

11. Giallo Vitoria can be easily processed into Polished, Sandblasted, Sanded, Rock-faced, and Tumbled. This kind of Yellow Granite in Melbourne. This stone is especially good for kitchen bench tops, mosaic, wall capping and other housing and workplace designing projects. It has a long list of other names – Amarelo Vitoria Granite, Vitoria Yellow Granite, Yellow Vitoria Granite, Giallo Victoria Granite, Golden Vitoria Granite, Giallo Vittoria Granite, and Vitoria Gold Granite.

12. Giallo Santa Cecilia has an extremely consistent background of light yellow accented with ‘highlights’ of honey & small burgundy specks. This Yellow Granite in Melbourne has various applications, especially in houses and workplaces. You can chisel Giallo Santa Cecilia to make counter tops, window sills, mosaic, walls & floors, fountains, swimming pools & stairs. Giallo Santa Cecilia can be refined into Sanded, Rock-faced, polished, Sandblasted, and Tumbled. It has unnumbered names such as Giallo Cecilia Granite, Amarelo Santa Cecilia Granite, Amarelo Cecilia Granite, Gold Granite, Giallo S. Cecilia Granite, Giallo San Cecilia Granite, Giallo S. Cecilia Original Granite, Giallo St. Cecilia Granite, Santa Cecilia Yellow, St. Cecilia, Juparana Santa Cecilia Granite, Yellow Santa Cecilia Granite, Santa Cecilia Classic Granite, Yellow St Cecilia Granite, Santa Cecilia Classico Granite, Santa Cecilia Regular, Giallo Cecilia Gold Granite, St. Cecilia Gold Granite.

13. Austral Juparana Granite is a kind of Yellow Granite in Melbourne which is golden beige. This stone is in particular good for stairs, window sills, counter tops, mosaic, exterior – interior wall & floor applications, monuments, fountains, swimming pools & wall capping. It also called Juparana Austral Granite, Bruce Rock Granite, Juperana Australia Granite, and Australia Juparana Granite.

14. Desert Sand Granite is ‘golden brown granite’ quarried in Australia. This stone is especially good for Wall & floor utilities, stairs, windows and other interior design projects. It also called Australia Desert Sand Granite, Brown Sand Granite, and Gold Sand Granite.

15. Ariah Park Gold is another type of Yellow Granite in Melbourne. This stone is especially used for Building stone, countertops, sinks, pool coping, sills, monuments, ornamental stone, interior & exterior walls and paving.

16. As a type of yellow granite, Yellow River Granite is commonly utilized in bathrooms, wall claddings, counter tops, showers, dimensional stones, flooring in residential and commercial places. Yellow River Granite is also called Giallo River Granite and River Yellow.

17. Golden Diamond Granite is a popular kind of Yellow Granite in Melbourne. This stone is used for constructing wall cappings, stairs, fountains, window sills and other interior designing projects. It is also known as Golden Diamond China Granite, Diamond Yellow Granite, and China Golden Diamond Granite. Golden Diamond Granite can be refined into Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock-faced, Sandblasted, and polished stone.

18. Are you looking for a high-quality Yellow Granite in Melbourne? Giallo Napoleon should be your pick. It is a stone especially good for bar tops, Interior wall panels, stairs, pavers, pool copings, and Water walls. It is also known by names such as Amarelo Napoleon Granite, Giallo Napoleone Golden, Giallo Napoleone Granite, Giallo Napoleone Grande, Giallo Nepoleone Granite, Giallo Napoletano Granite, Napoleon Gold Granite Napoleone Yellow Granite. It has a few refining procedures such as Polishing, Sawn Cutting, Sanding, and Sandblasting.

19. If you are looking for a fine Yellow Granite in Melbourne, Copper Canyon is your pick! It is golden brown and is famous for being used in building a mosaic, kitchen benches, floor tiles fountains, swimming pools, wall capping, window sills and stairs. There are other names by which it is famous – Canyon Granite and Canyon Gold Granite.

20. Solarius has a fairly uniform grain and features very light cream-yellow & golden background with dark veins of brown, grey, and orange specks along with marks of exotic black colour. This stone is principally good for interior designing projects. It also called by names like Solaris Granite, Solarius Gold Granite, Giallo Solaris Granite, and Granito Amarelo Solarius. This type of Yellow Granite in Melbourne has a lot of benefits because of its durable nature. It has a long life and doesn’t ask for much maintenance.

21. Golden Persa is yellow granite that has various other names such as Amarelo Persa Granite, Cream Persa Granite, Persia Gold Granite, Granito Giallo Palmeiras, and Persa Gold Granite. This stone is majorly well-known for building fine countertops, long-lasting monuments, smooth mosaic, hard-wearing exterior – interior wall & flooring, gorgeous fountains, and splendid swimming pools. It has many other uses and is commonly used by the upper-middle class. It gives you houses and workplaces a fantastic touch of your personality and style.

22. Golden Glory is a well-known type of Yellow Granite in Melbourne. It has numerous other names – Giallo Madura Granite, Gold Star Granite, Giallo Madura Gold Granite, Madura Granite, Madurai Granite, Madura Gold Granite, Madurai Gold Granite, and Madurei Gold Granite. This is an ideal stone for the manufacture of kitchen benches and bars, wall panels, water walls & fine-looking fountains, and tough stairs.

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